New York Fashion with Analogous Scheme

So, New York is amazing. I never considered myself a total city girl, and wasn't totally set that New York was my jam. But, thankfully, I had the amazing opportunity to attend WRKSHP and challenge myself in so many ways. One of those was personal challenges was to try my hand at fashion photography. Which, I'm a minimalist, so I don't want to own a lot, but I still really love fashion. The thought of shooting for clothing brands had never crossed my mind, but when presented the opportunity, it was almost second nature. 

Fashion photography is such a different brain than wedding and portrait photography, but I kind of love that. It gives one side of my brain a break, to let other creative juices flow. That probably made no sense, but whatever. Fashion photography is cool, and you'll definitely be seeing more of it from us in the future. 

Styling : Heidi Brown at WRKSHP

Model: Madison

Color Theory: Monochromatic / Analogous