Battle of the Brands

So, the other day I was location scouting with the fabulous Joelle of JoeyPhoto. Now, I'm a total Canon snob and buy nothing but Canon stuff. Why? Because I was told it was the best of the best. That's why. So I have Canon bodies, Canon lenses, Canon flash, Canon carrying case... you get it. Joelle has the same camera bodies I do, but uses Sigma lenses. "WHY?!" I thought. Using a third party lens just seemed so counterproductive. But, we were on an adventure so I figured I'd be adventurous and try out the Sigma lenses. 


I'm actually kind of mad that I noticed the massive difference IN CAMERA. So sharp, and that bokeh, ah! So creamy. And what the heck, why are Sigma lenses cheaper?! So, recap... sharper, better, cheaper.... Canon, I'm mad at you. 

Anywayyyyyy, fast forward about a week, a friend of mine asked me to do a family portrait session with her. If you know me at all, you know that I HATE FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSIONS... with a passion. Taking pictures of more than two people stresses me out... that's why I make Sam do it lol.

So, I knew I wasn't going to be in my normal comfort zone with this shoot, so I just decided to go full on uncomfortable. I shot the entire session with my Fuji XPRO2 (a camera I only use for social media pictures) and a Sigma 35 ART.


I had a feeling that I wouldn't shoot as much because the Fuji is all manual, so it forces me to take my time...uh no... still shot 1200 pictures in a 90 minute session. 

I mean, I love Canon, but there is some serious competition going on here now. I love the Fuji XPRO2 for its lightweight convenience, and the Sigma lenses for their sharpness. My only complaint with the Fuji is that it isn't full frame (which works for me because I crop everything anyway). And the battery life isn't that great. But,  I hesitate to say that they might replace my Canon gear. MIGHT. Not sure I can shoot a wedding with Fuji. But, maybe that is an experiment for another day?

Stay Tuned. 





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