Content Creation with Hatched Collective at Sunset Cliffs

Something that we don't usually blog (but definitely need to blog more of) is our branding clients. We do a LOT of branding (like 80% of our business is actually shooting for brands). One brand I absolute adore working with is with my friend Katie of Hatched Collective. You may have seen her venue like... everywhere lol. It's perfect. We shoot a lot of events and workshops at her spot. But lately, Katie and I have been diving into more personable / content curation shoots (as opposed to styled shoots). Shoots that do not necessarily take place at her venue, but still represent her brand and what she's all about.

Our latest focus - creative community and rolling with the punches. The irony of this shoot, we wanted to have a calm warm session at the cliffs, but of course, this day was the ONE DAY in San Diego it decided to rain. "Rolling with the punches" at it's finest. 

We did it anyway. We went out there, we played in the rain, we set our goals, we shared in our wins, our failures, our hopes, our dreams, and our sniffles lol. It was the best day. Not at all as we had planned, but everything we wanted to capture - creative community and taking things as they come.