reasons why a Destination Wedding is right for you

There's nothing more exciting than your wedding day. You and your partner vowing love to each other forever and setting off on a lifetime of joy... What could be better? Doing all of that and reaching #goals at your dream vacation spot, that's what! Here are some reasons having a dreamy vacation wedding is the best decision ever.

The Cost

Destination weddings have a reputation for being super expensive, but that doesn't have to be the case! Having your dream destination wedding will definitely increase your travel costs compared to a local venue, but it can decrease most other costs because you will have a smaller guest list. That saves you money by having a smaller venue, less catering costs, and fewer decorations. Many large resort spots even offer all-inclusive wedding packages, so you can be guaranteed you won't miss any details or be stressed about planning everything by yourself all the way from home. Everything will be taken care of for you. Or, you can do what one of couples did for their destination wedding in Italy and rent out a huge Airbnb house that serves as both their living quarters, and their venue.

Dreams Come True

What could be more romantic than being married somewhere breathtakingly beautiful? Love Mexico? Dreaming about eloping in the Santorini Islands? Is your family from Italy and you’ve been dying to go and get that Insta worth selfie at the Amalfi Coast?! LET’S FREAKING DO IT!!!

You'll be thankful in the long run for cutting back on your guest list when you have more time to spend with your partner on your wedding day, especially in a gorgeous location. Run away from the party for a few moments alone with your new spouse; your guests won't notice because they're in vacation mode. Take in the scenery and remember this place forever. Then return and dance the night away with your toes in the sand and a cocktail in your hand.

What better excuse than to plan your wedding around your dream vacation. Make your ceremony an event people will talk about for years and a part of your family history. Ball out on the details that matter to you and forget the ones you don’t. Customize everything, simply because you can!

Limited Guests

If you prefer a more intimate setting with just a few guests in attendance, then a destination wedding will definitely accomplish this for you. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, not everyone you would traditionally invite to your wedding will be able to attend. The upside to a smaller guest list is there will be fewer costs associated with your wedding and it will be more personalized and intimate. Plus, you can do something cool like let your little brother officiate

(also, can we say Preacher Swag?!)

SamErica Studios - Destination Wedding Photographer - Cortona Italy Wedding - Red Maroon Velvet Groom Suit Jacket

You also get the chance to actually talk to everyone at your wedding. Don't forget to show your guests just how appreciative you are of their attendance by leaving them a goodie bag, with some destination goodies!

Your Guests Will Love It

Your closest friends and family who attend your wedding will be thrilled to have an excuse for a vacation. They're also likely to save money because resorts usually offer discounted room rates as part of your wedding package. It will be so special for you to see your guests taking fun excursions or relaxing on the beach in the days leading up to your wedding. Be sure to research your location as you would any vacation and be ready to suggest fun things for your guests to do. And don't forget to go off and have some fun with your soon-to-be spouse, too!

Your Photos Will Be Legend…

But like, duh. More and more, photographers are getting excited about destination weddings. It's thrilling to be able to shoot in dreamy, far away locations, especially while documenting a couple's big day. The scenery will make for the perfect backdrop and looking over your wedding photos years later will always make you want to hop on a plane and head straight back. Check out the gallery from our recent adventure to Italy to shoot a destination wedding! The lush green hills surrounding their venue were straight out of a fairytale.

No Need for a Separate Honeymoon Location

What better way to begin your honeymoon than by starting it with your wedding in the same location or as your first stop on a tour of Europe, Asia, or the Hawaiian Islands? You and your fiance can plan the ideal Honeymoon around your wedding location. Plus, the quicker you can be done with the wedding and head off to marital bliss, the better. ( I mean, clearly we enjoy the vacay too lol)

To simply put it: location, location, location

Destination weddings are an easy way to make your wedding day truly memorable. Your guests will be talking about it for years to come, and you and your spouse will cherish the photos for the rest of your lives. Focus on what matters most. While it may be more difficult to coordinate all the small details, this will allow you to plan for only the details that matter the most to you. There is no need for specialized boutonnieres or programs. The spotlight will be on you and your person. Whether it's planned a year in advance or a spur-of-the-moment elopement trip, you will be glad you chose to tie the knot somewhere epic.

Convinced you want to do a destination wedding? Shoot us an email! Our bags are already packed!