Babymoonin' on the Beach

the setting: Coronado Beach, San Diego

If ever you are in San Diego, one place you have to stop is Coronado Island. We might be a little biased because we got married there, but it's absolutely beautiful. Growing up here, we've spent endless summers at the bonfire pits, eating smores, playing hide and seek at the Hotel Del, falling in love and enjoying every bit of San Diego. Coronado Island has so many cute hidden gems like our favorite creamery (MooTime) and Centennial Park which has the best view of downtown. But our most favorite place of all, is sitting on Coronado beach, and enjoying the sunset. Nothing gets better than that. 

the couple

I (Erica) actually went to college with Brittney + Keith back in the day (man I'm getting old). And thank God for social media keeping us together, otherwise I don't know how I'd keep track of everyone. Brit + Keith reached out to us after seeing our maternity session in the meadow and just wanted a relaxed celebration of their first baby. Of course I'm a sucker for pregnant mamas and these two gave me super pregnant fever. During maternity sessions, I really like to focus on the parents. I know these sessions are one of the few times they are going to have that are shared just between the two of them. Lots of cuddles and kisses. Keith made a statement that was so funny but also important to how I shoot maternity. When I told them to kiss he said "Man, it's like our first kiss in forever". Brit had been pretty sick the past few months (babies apparently do that) so they didn't get to share those moments. I'm glad I got to be the one to prompt a much needed, reassuring, loving, kiss. 

More couples maternity please.