Two People Walk into a Bar... and Then Fall Off a Cliff...

So, two people walk into a bar... classic story, but this one is so much sweeter... Don't believe me? Well, I'll let Nick, (the groom to be) tell his version of it. 

the love story - as told by the groom to be

How we met: *Nick's words* Nick was getting hammered (pre-game was a buttery bottle of Chardonnay) at a bar when his best friend and Emily were walking out of the restaurant across the way and over to the parking lot.  Nick's friend recognized his car and they (friend and Emily) decided to go over to the bar to say hi.  Mind you, Emily and I had met a few times before the bar and had gotten to know each other a little bit, but boy was she in for a surprise.  Nick was at a 6/10 when his buddy and a pretty girl walk in the bar.  At that moment, time stood still. The most beautiful girl had walked into the bar and Nick had to talk to her.  Well after a few pleasantries, Nick was subtly talking Emily's ear off at a bar where the music was too loud and strange men were giving our group free beer (not going to complain about free beer).  At the end of the night, fueled by the most beautiful eyes Nick has ever laid eyes upon (other than Chris Pine's, cause dang he's got some pretty ass eyes), he said goodbye without asking her for her number or if he could see her again.  Feeling horrible and invincible from the alcohol coursing through his veins, Nick hopped on Facebook and instantly reached out to Emily in a drunken stupor.  Some quotes below:

"I know this great little bar on Main Street where they serve Rainbow Slushies..." (sensing a pattern of alcohol here)  

"Don't be a stranger :)" (solid closing effort)

Less than a month later, we were in love. This was almost 6 years ago and it will forever make me smile thinking that a bottle of wine and a few beers led me to my soulmate. 

How he asked:

We were on Emily's favorite hike (the three lakes hike) near Emily's home town at Lassen National Park (Nick: her hometown is a 10 hour drive from Southern California, the entire thing HAD to go right). The trail was partially covered in snow which made it even more fun to find our way through the covered trail just from Emily's memory (Nick: there were bear tracks...fresh freakin' bear tracks) (also has a heart beat of 170 after we hiked up the side of the mountain at like a 20 degree slope we we could get to the proposal spot, which was gorgeous) (P.S.S - Emily's parents were supposed to join us but because we were "late" we ended up just going with our close friends who I was going to marry the following month). After hiking up a really steep hill off of the trail, our friends had us take some photos near one of the lakes. Emily thought we were taking some quick silly photos, and while Nick was out of breath (what Emily thought was from climbing up the steep hill...little did she know that Nick was just nervous and about to propose), Nick got down on one knee and asked! If anyone knows us, it is SO hard to keep secrets and Emily had NO idea it was coming during that moment. 

Nick: keeping this secret from her was almost like having to work for the president and not being able to tell her about my day.  Thankfully she worked on the weekends and I was able to covertly order her ring box as well as go to the jeweler's with my friends to find the ring. I had the ring for easily 2 weeks and the ring box for 6 weeks before the trip in August so it was a surprise to anyone that she didn't find out.  At one point, the jeweler had called me on a Tuesday around 7:20 pm to tell me the ring was in and as I am about to say something, Emily walks right in the door.  I brushed it off like it was me personal banker, and boy did I dodge a bullet there (Emily's note: I knew he was hiding something because I knew FOR SURE he did not have a banker- terrible excuse- I just brushed it off and forgot about it cuz I had the longest day). Thankfully, the surprise was held and it will be a day I never forget. 

the venue, the engagement

So when we were brainstorming about where to do Nick and Emily's engagement photos, I knew it couldn't be done anywhere else, but a bar. FruitCraft is the most amazing bar you'll ever go to. Instead of fermenting grains like most breweries, FruitCraft ferments and distills fruit to create all of their amazingly delicious drinks. Plus, cutest little place to host your next party... or in our case, shoot an engagement. And obviously we had to go to Sunset Cliffs to finish the day off because...duh. Here's just a little taste of perhaps the sweetest love story ever told. Can't wait to shoot their wedding next year. <3


SamErica Studios Fruit Craft San Diego Engagement.jpg
SamErica Studios - Sunset Cliffs Engagement.jpg
SamErica Studios Sunset Cliffs San Diego Engagement.jpg