When life gives you lemons | Family Session at Torrey Pines

Been doing a bit of experimenting lately - experimenting with lights, edits, scenery, but our most interesting experiment has been with posing + directing + curating. See, I have this theory, if you take exactly what you already have, and organized it, it looks like you have a curated life. But in reality, it's just an organized mess. So what we did with this shoot, is curate. We got a couple blankets and plates and set up a picnic for the family. Then we implemented this new found posing technique where you LEAVE EVERYBODY ALONE. I know, mind boggling, right? I told the family that the goal for the next 30 minutes was to enjoy a morning picnic on the beach... and you know what, that's exactly what they did.

And want to hear something amazing?! Because I was pretty hands off on this shoot, I got to document baby's first steps! YEAH. THAT HAPPENED. Had I been micromanaging and posing and directing, I never would have allowed her the opportunity to explore and let her take that milestone on her own. She chose to get up and walk over to mom and dad. My heart was so full because I wasn't there to direct her, I was there to capture her moment and eat all the blueberries lol. This adorable Torrey Pines Family session could not have turned out any more perfect if I had posed them myself.

Cheers to just documenting real, untouched life.