Boho Family Adventure Sessions in Mission Trails San Diego

Guys, I freaking love the way San Diego looks after a good rain. Everything is so lush and green and happy. All the good makings of the perfect family session. We don’t shoot families often, usually just in the fall for holiday sessions, but we released a few family session gift certificates this year for people to use whenever!

This cute little fam jumped on it and we went to Mission Trails right after the rain. OH MY GOODNESS MY OVARIES. This baby, had to be the cutest little adventure baby ever. She’s only 1 and had never had her picture taken professionally before so she was OBSESSED with the camera. She doesn’t really talk, but she cracked me up because every time I’d take a picture of her, she’d walk over to me, pulling on my leg to see the back of the screen. lol I basically had to get image approval from a one year old. It was adorable.

And can we talk about mom and dad?! GOOD LORD BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!! Inside and out, this entire family was amazing and made my job ridiculously easy. The only goal for this shoot was to get candids of their daughter but you know I had to make time for a mini couples session (I always do). Because even though families grow and get bigger, I never want my couples to forget how their family started - when two people fell in love.

So bring on the families, we cherish every step of the love you’ve created.