4th of July Surprise Proposal - Spanish Landing

Okay so, let's talk about the cutest, most well thought out proposal ever! Chris hit me up a few days before the 4th, saying he was going to propose to his then girlfriend Kylie on the 4th of July, on a boat, near Spanish Landing.  And I'm just thinking, "Are you crazy?! You want to propose on the busiest day of the year in DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO?! Alright, I'm in. lol "

But when I say Chris planned this out to the T, I mean HE PLANNED. He had already asked for her dads permission, rented the same boat that he asked Kylie to be his girlfriend on 2 years earlier, hired a photographer (best part lol), got dinner reservations at the swankiest, most impossible restaurant ever, AND got a captain to sail them out on the water for the fireworks show. 

Oh, and did I mentioned the gorgeous rock he picked from Tiffany's?! Ugh. It was so perfect. And Kylie had no idea. She was so cute, her only reaction all night, was, "What?! No one wake me up!"

Haha, nope, this isn't a dream love, it's real life and it's absolutely perfect. We've got pictures to prove it. <3

And MAD shout out to my girl Debra for tag teaming this cuteness with me!




RING: Tiffany & Co