So, let's talk about this gloriousness.... I HAD A DREAM lol that one day, black women could be featured in bridal magazines as equal and free as they wanna be. Well, that dream hasn't hit the big mags yet, (looking at you GreenWeddingShoes, Junebug, StyleMePretty) but I still executed.

There's this really interesting stereotype for black women, and black brides especially, the they have to fit in one of two camps - strong and traditional or rebellious and urban. Like, you know there are more than two personality types, right? 

What about the free spirited black woman? The one who loves outdoors, swims in the ocean, loves floral crowns and tulle? What about THAT bride? Where she at? And side note, when I got married I had ZERO inspiration for my outdoor beach wedding (Pinterest wasn't that big yet). I have yet to see that bride featured, but I know she exists. She is exists in me, she exists in Kayla (the goddess you see below), and a bunch of other black women I have come in contact with.

We are not a rare bread, we don't fit into your stereotypical boxes, we don't do "traditional black bride". We do us. So here's a little styled shoot of the unrepresented, free spirited black bride. May this be the first of many inspired #blackgirlmagic bridal shoots.


Model: Kayla of October & Rum

Top: Pacsun

Skirt: SamErica Studios + Joann Fabric

Florals: SamErica Studios + Shinoda 

Accessories: lucky brand, alex + ani, helzberg

Location: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California