Brett & Nadias Rock N Roll VW Bug Engagement

+ Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA +

Alright guys, get ready for a love story for the ages because this is it! 

First off, I've actually known Nadia since like the first grade, so believe and trust I squealed with excitement when I found out she was engaged! And of course, she picked the freaking Freddie Prince Jr. of good looking guys so I had to capture this perfect love story. Brett and Nadia are both big music lovers. They met at a concert and just like you'd see in every classic chick flick, they locked eyes and instantly connected *que slow magical background music with all giggles and smiles and heart eyes everywhere*. Side note, it's stories like this that totally make me want to get into videography and make those little memory montages... next project maybe? We'll see. ANYWAY.... So classic. It was that first encounter that was the beginning of forever. It was like every day was a love song for these two - growing up, growing old, and continuing to grow hopelessly in love. Well, fast forward a bit, after three years, many concerts, and a whole lot of love later, Brett popped the question is the most perfect ending ever -  in middle of the desert during the super bloom season here in California. (You win Brett, you win )

So I decided to put on a little spin on their classic, edgy, rock n roll love story. Throw in a '76 Volkswagen Beetle, stole a few florals from the neighbors garden, put a cute couple hopeless in love in the car and BOOM! Magic. Their love is the real deal and I can't wait until their wedding next summer <3


+ + +

Hoping this engagement gets picked up for publication! Wish me luck! <3