Colorfully Nostalgic Mexican Inspired Wedding | Los Peñasquitos Ranch House

I seriously sat at my computer for like 15 minutes gawking at this wedding wondering how I could share it with the world (duh, Erica, BLOG) haha, it was late, I had a long day, sue me guys. 

This wedding was nothing short of perfect. Vintage vibes, a little bit of 70's groovy feels, freaking Jarritos?! Oh, and let's not forget the bride basically diy-ed this entire wedding. I mean, she did her own hair, makeup, cut out and hand made all the flower bouquets, strung up the arch, and a zillion other things. WIFE MATERIAL. It was great. 

And I completely failed to mention that these two are freaking GORGEOUS. I mean, she's a model, he's a videographer. The good looks between these two is psychotic. 

So let me just give you a summary of the day's gloriousness - mid day sun, all the colors of the rainbow, great looking couple, killer fish tacos, and all the love in the world. 

Congrats Mark + Melissa <3