Greek Styled Shoot

I really want to go to Greece. It's on my bucket list, Sam couldn't care less about it. But I REALLY want to go to Greece. Totally not happening this year. But, when hanging out with some girlfriends in La Jolla, I came across the cutest little condos that, you guessed it... LOOKED LIKE GREECE. I was all about it. Simultaneously, a friends of mine who I haven't seen since elementary school (just so happens to be Greek) hit me up wanting to be a model for one of our shoots. The stars alined! Greek friend, Grecian condo, let's do. it. This is the restult of that randomness, still hoping to one day actually make it to Greece. 


Dress | Abao

Shoes | ASOS

Crown | Crowns And Wreaths

Jewelry | Wild Cloud

Invitations | October and Rum

Venue | Santorini West, La Jolla, CA