Fashionable Grooms and Pink Suits

Apparently I have a calling for the unique and unrepresented. See our previous post about #blackgirlmagic and urban brides here. We apparently have a creative vision for things that just haven't been represented. I'm okay with that. 

So, backstory behind this shoot. I was mentoring another photographer and she asked me, "How do you pose grooms? I feel like they are so awkward and uncooperative". That got me thinking a lot about how I have actually been posing my grooms. And unfortunately, they are really just a prop to the bride. And I hate that. It's their day too and they should have their 15 minutes of spotlight. 

So I went on Pinterest, did some Pinterest-ing and guess what I found for groom editorials? None. Nada. Zilch. Every photo of the groom was either a detailed shot of their cufflinks or they were an accessory the bride. That got me a little upset.

Fast forward a couple days, I'm at the mall shopping for comfy shoes (I'm getting old guys, shoes can't just be cute anymore) and I decided to shop at The Walking Company. By the way, ALL of their shoes are made for extreme comfort and they are really cute! They sell mens shoes there too! 

Anyway, so I'm there, shopping for shoes, and this tall, dark, and handsome sales associate walks up to me to see if I needed any help. Sure, I was a little starstruck for a moment, and I totally didn't want to be a creeper, but everything about him was perfect. His vitiligo was hand crafted, he's 6'5 with perfect shoulder symmetry, AND he had some great fashion sense! I had wondered if he knew how amazing he was. He's like a real life unicorn. 

So he helped me out in picking shoes but the entire time, I was not listening. The only thing on my mind was asking him to take his picture. I know, I'm a creep. So as I'm checking out, buying who knows what because I was not paying attention and just nodding my head in agreement, I mustered up the courage to ask, "Hey, do you model"?

He just smirked at me, and I thought, "Oh geez, he thinks I'm a creeper". But to my surprise he smiled and simply said "No, but I want to."


So then I got to shopping for this shoot! I wanted this shoot to all about him, all about the groom, all about alternative male fashion for bridal editorials to spicy up the wedding a bit. Because, I mean, how often do you see a groom in pink suit? They are always black, gray, or beige, and simply shadow behind the bride on wedding day. 

So here's to my funky fresh grooms out there ready for their wedding day photo shoot. <3


Suits | TopShop 

Shirts & Accessories | Zara

Styling | SamErica Studios