Kayla + Julian | Sassy In Home Session

You ever just meet somebody and instantly become best friends? For me, that was Kayla. I randomly found her in a creative group I was in, and like the creeper I am, asked her to model for me. I said something to the effect of "ummm, you're perfect, and I need that #blackgirlmagic in my life, let's be best friends".

Had zero anticipation that we'd actually be just that. She brought out the creative in me, might I even say made me a better person, so believe and trust I was utterly peeved when she announced her and hubs were moving (I hate you military people, always taking my friends away). 

So I had to get one last shoot in, one last memory, before the final farewell. They did not disappoint, and both of you will be missed dearly. Thanks for the adventures friends, until next time <3