Life, Adventure, & Motorcycles

Cory and I go way back. Makes me feel so old when I say "way back" but it's far back enough that we were totally different people back in college. Cory was on my brother floor and quickly became one of my really good friends. I definitely admired him for his music tastes, definitely got me hooked one too many illegal music downloads lol (probably shouldn't out that in writing but whatevs). He was a music major with hair longer than mine back then and only like 2 tattoos at the time. We'd always talked about what our futures would look like - rock bands, owing our own businesses, epic adventures, married life... The usual college freshmen conversations. Little did we know we would get everything we asked for. 

Life went on, we graduated, pursues life, I got married first and then somewhere along the way, Cory met Jerika. Oh man, when I say that these two couldn't be more perfect, I mean it. She is the perfect piece to his puzzle. She gorgeous for one, she has her own band, she's edgy, free spirited, and she absolutely adores him. It's like, God heard our conversation that day about the "perfect spouse" and literally gave it to both of us. Jerika is everything that Cory could have asked for and more and I was so stoked to be able to capture their love. 

I wanted to break away from bridal shoots for a little bit, so I asked these two to grab their motorcycle and meet me in the desert for some randomness. We drove out to the middle of nowhere (but I think we ended up in Palmdale, CA) and just lived life like we always wanted to - spontaneous, adventurous, and completely enamored. 

It's really cool to look back now and realize we got everything we ever wanted - an epic life, our own businesses, and a love we could not stop bragging about. Thank God for dirty boots and motorcycle adventures <3

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