Mentor Sessions!

Oh man you guys, we had so much love and support for our next workshop, but were super bummed that so many couldn't go! So, as requested, we are now offering Mentor Sessions!

It's been something that has been on our hearts for a while now, because we know full workshops are expensive, and take a lot of time out of the week, so we wanted to offer something for our local and international friends that want to learn!

We'll cover anything and everything, we have no secrets. We believe in community over competition, it's not just something we hashtag. We are here to educate and to inspire, that's our heart. 

We have Skype Sessions, One-On-One Sessions, and even an Adventure Retreat! Not going to lie, I'm dying for someone to book an adventure retreat, I've got some serious plans for a Mexican staycation lol

You can check out all of our mentorship options here! We're so excited and looking forward to mentoring more photographers soon!




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