Modern Aladdin Themed Bridal Shoot

First off, it finally happened, the most epic photographer fail.... I shot this whole thing in JPEG. *Insert face palm emoji and like ten crying face emojis*.

I decided I wanted to experiment more with with my Fuji. Now, I love my Fuji XPRO2, mostly because it's small has wifi and I can immediately send things to my phone. Well, without getting too technical, the only way you can images to your phones is if they are JPEGS. I shoot RAW. Again, without getting too nerdy, just know this RAW > JPEG. So shooting in JPEG is not ideal if you need to edit an image. 

So back to this shoot that I had a heck of a time editing....

I love everything Aladdin, that was easily my favorite Disney movie when I was a kid (tied with Little Mermaid). I literally woke up one night thinking, "WHERE HAS NO ONE DONE A MODERN TAKE ON ALADDIN BRIDAL?!" I'm seeing Beauty and the Beast stuff everywhere (thanks Emma Watson) but no Aladdin. So I was all over it. Talked to a few friends to see if they wanted to collab on it and they were PUMPED.

Oh my gosh, the most epic of collaborators ever!!! I couldn't have asked for a more talented bunch. And this shoot, despite my major photographer fail, was still nothing short of a dream. And all of these boss babes brought their A game to this shoot. Check it out! I should also probably submit this somewhere, just not sure where yet....


Dress | Styleora

Cake + Jewel Cookies | Hey There Cupcake

Henna | Henna Trendz

Tablescape | Kokos Catering

Venue | VIVA

Stationary | October and Rum

Headpiece & Footwear | Bare Sandals

Macrame |  Jessica Foltz