about the girl setting the standards


Hey y’all I’m Erica! You can call me “Em” or “Gem” or “Em the Gem” I’ll literally answer to any of those variations lol. I’m a free spirited, down to earth kinda girl with really expensive taste and a love for all things color. I’m one of few native San Diegan photographers who specializes in all things brands, brides, and baby mamas. You would have never guessed I actually have a degree in Marketing and Finance instead of photography lol. Forever blasting old school hip hop and indie music, you will almost always find me on the beach with my fur babies, on a road trip to Palm Springs, or I’ve escaped to Mexico to eat my weight in lobster (bougie AF, I know). Not sorry about it. I love merging the simple, playful things in life with a fancy editorial style. Make the little things magical. Let’s get tacos.

SoCal Jams


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