this is how we do itttt


First off, thank you. From swarming a sea of pretty pictures, you ended up here to my humble portfolio. And for that, thank you! Now let's talk about how I get down. 

This is how I do it - from start to finish. We meet up, get some coffee (or wine, always wine) and talk about you and your boo and how I can best serve you (unintentional rhyming). We hang out, we become best friends, we get comfortable with each other, then we shoot! We will not pose you or try to fit you into a mold you are not. We will prompt you, and make adjustments if you're making a funny face or have hair in your mouth. But we won't pose you. We want to capture the real life you, whatever that looks like. Why? Because we believe in documentation over fabrication. We believe in real people, real love, and real good memories that you'll cherish forever.  That's how we do things 'round here.

- the experience - 

if you have ever wondered what kind of experience you'd get with your photographer, wonder no more! This is the hell-of-a-good time experience you'd get with us:

+ reception dance floor battles

+ a ridiculous amount of professionalism (up until happy hour then... no promises)

+ nonstop 90s throwbacks

+ assistance with your wedding day planning and styling

+ 2 new best friends and travel partners

+ sneaky shot givers (we got you)

+ memories that will literally last forever (we do prints) 


We're basically a mullet - business in the front, party in the back. We're professional during the day but come reception time... ohhhhh it's on.  


picking up what we're throwing down? sweet! let's party.

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